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is your business ready?

Business Valuation

It is impossible to create a path forward without knowing where you stand. An estimate of value report completed is a great first step as you plan for your future

Make a Plan

Use our Pre-Transition Blueprint to help you prepare to sell your business to who you want, at the time you desire, for the amount of money you need

Approach the Finish Line

Have the right team of advisors by your side to provide the resources you need every step of the way as you approach the finish line

What Makes WY Business Transitions Different?

We are based in Wyoming and believe that Small Business Owner’s are the backbone of Wyoming’s economy.

It is our mission to help as many business owner’s as possible prepare to sell their company to who they want, at the time they desire, for the amount of money they need. The result we hope to achieve is a post business life of financial independence and a business that thrives even after the owner’s departure.

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The WYBT team is led by Michael Schulte. Michael is a financial advisor by trade and obtained the prestigious CExP designation through Business Enterprise Institute, making him the only Certified Business Exit Planner that resides in Wyoming.

Upon moving to Wyoming in 2016 Michael saw a critical need for a comprehensive and coordinated approach for business owner’s planning their exits. WY Business Transitions was born from that reality.

Pre-Transition Blueprint

  • Valuation Report and

    Exploration of Exit Paths

    Receive a 30 page report estimating the fair market value of your business and analyze different exit paths

  • Personal Financial


    A personal financial roadmap takes pressure off the future sale of your business and coordinates with the expected future proceeds

  • Business Continuation


    Ensure that your business continues if you can’t

  • Value Driver


    Learn the primary value drivers of a business and determine the ones that your business needs to improve on to maximize business value

  • Key Employee

    Incentive Planning

    Determine who your key employees truly are and come up with a plan to motivate and retain them and recruit others

  • Let Us

Receive your Exit Map Survey with a complimentary 12 page report on your exit readiness

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WyoMoney Resource provides a sneak peek behind the curtain of business ownership throughout Wyoming

What Do You Lose By Not Planning?

Most successful business owners have a significant portion of their net worth tied up in the value of their business. It is critical to have a comprehensive plan in place to turn your business value into cash.